Thursday 3 December 2009

Lens Accessories

So you have donated an arm and a leg to get a decent lens but the buying doesn't stop there, I like to have have a lens foot with the dovetail built in to fit on my wimberley head, I prefer the 4th Generation lens feet, They are beautifully made and light but at $85 for the 70-200 not cheap, You could add a wimberley plate to the lens foot cheaper but if you use a 4th generation lens foot you get to keep the original foot in new condition for resale,its lighter than the original foot and you save extra weight by not having to put a plate on it, Then there is a lens coat to keep your new investment scratch free and helps? with camo when in the woods for an extra $90 and if that's not enough if you use a front filter you can add around $100 for a good quality (what else would you use)item, So when buying a new lens you have to take into consideration all the little but not so cheap extras-maybe an idea or 2 for Xmas


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