Monday 28 December 2009

Review of the Year Part 6 - June

And so on into half way through the year.

Dave started the month off with a trip to Colorado and posted some reports here, here and here.

Here in the UK it was a great time for Orchids and I shared some of my experiences here and also some sad news when my local council decimated a load of Bee Orchids here.

It had been quite a while since I needed to buy any inks for my Canon printer and had quite a shock as we reported here and here.

It was a great year too for butterflies and I found some good specimens very locally to me.

In our Tips and Techniques section, I did a bit on lighting control and Dave covered fill in flash with wildlife here and backgrounds here.

I gave the poor unloved 'Corvid' family the opportunity for a fair hearing in this post.

In my garden, I had ben getting a lot of life at my pond and we clocked up the 200th post this month.

Stat porn for June -  3,178 number of page views, from 491 unique visitors in 28 countries, and at the half year stage we had cumulative totals of  22,698 number of page views, from 2,766 unique visitors in 55 countries.


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