Saturday 19 December 2009

Pop up hides

One of the first things i bought when i moved to the States were some pop up hides, At around $65 they are a bargain, I had one up in my garden for about 2 months before taking it down and storing it in the garage,One of the poles that form the roof split during that time but i gaffer taped it and thought nothing else about it, A couple of months ago i had it back in place and this time one of the springs that form the wall broke and shot through the side of the hide, The other day i had it back up but the roof pole rebroke and shot through the rook and the sides have started to rot-so you get what you pay for, My last hide from wildlifewatching supplies lasted years but are very expensive and these new ones last a year if you are lucky but at the cost you can afford to throw them away, also if some dirtbag walks off with it then what the heck


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