Tuesday 15 December 2009

Time to reflect

Its a good idea of Martins to review the blog over the last year since we started, The year has flown by and i havent managed to get half the images that i want, Highlights of the year for me was the trip to Colorado to shoot the mountain goat as well as shooting on the North Carolina coast in the winter and having a couple of trips to the Smokey mountains in Tennessee, I have already been making plans for next year with a trip to New Jersey in early Jan for Harlequin Ducks and shore birds and a trip to the NC coast at the end of Jan for Snow Geese,Tundra Swans and Black bear, I will have at least 2 trips to the Smokeys and hopefully 1 major trip abroad, I was very taken with Colorado and am itching to get back there so lets hope that the pennies continue to come in, Next year will see a couple of workshops from me and i hope to increase the one to one training, The blog does take time out of our days and its been quite difficult to keep it updated on a daily basis, We have both had good comments from our readers but there have been some critisism over the year from some others, All i can say is that the comments that we make are our own personal opinions and they may not be everybodies, But its our blog and its free-nobody makes you read it although i do hope that you do, I know that Santa has left a few boxes of camera gear under the tree so that means some new reviews in the new year, 2010 will see me back doing alot of night time photography for racoon,possum and fox and it will be something that will take a lot of my time to get the images that i have in my head
So as i have manflu and am sitting here feeling naff its off for a bath and then back to bed


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