Wednesday 23 December 2009

News - Canon 1Dmk IV dribbling into the shops

A quick scan of one of the more popular (by activity) photographic forums (not brand aligned in case you were wondering) indicates that single digit numbers of production units are dribbling into one or two places around the world.

So let the beta testing customer experience commence.  As a 1Dmk111 user, I am only interested in high ISO performance, dynamic range and an AF system that works.

Canon can make an AF system work - the 7D has proved that so there will no excuses there, and I would expect them to shoot themselves in the foot this time around.

High ISO will be more of the challenge particularly based on the competition it is up against with the Nikon D3s, which is getting positive reviews.

However, all the while the 1DIV stays at this ridiculous 50% price hike on like for like retail prices against the III, it will be a long time before I consider it.


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