Friday 18 December 2009

Bright moment on a dull day

So there I was on Tuesday afternoon in the glass corporate offices at Birmingham Airport.  It was dull outside, a horrible dull dreay dank December afternoon.  Some might say the subject matter of the meeting I was in was also pretty dull.

Just about 10 meters away from the window I was sat near the lights of the multi storey car park shed little light into the outside world.  Suddenly my eye was caught by the movement of a dark shape rising up from below and landing on one of the handrail barriers of the car park.  My initial thoughts was that it was one of the many corvids, but through the gloom the wingshape seemed far too agile and pointed.

My concentration momentarily broken reverted back into the meeting.  But something didn't sit right with me.  I had only seen the back of the bird on the railing but that head bob didn't seem right for corvid.

Casting my gaze back out into the gloom, the bird turned it's head towards me and all became clear.

The white cheeks, the moustachial stripe and the long wings - sat in the middle of the airport was a beautiful Peregrine Falcon.

It sat there for a good five minutes, taking a rest on a cold day before it flew off into the darkening glooom.

Checking with the ops guys at the site established that falconry isnt part of their bird clearance operation so this was a wild bird

It was a wonderful moment on a dull day.


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