Tuesday 29 December 2009

Quick Update

Just a quickie from me today.

We were expecting a lot of snow today, so I was getting quite excited at the prospect of some garden bird photography.  Sadly, it has just rained and rained.

My garden is still Blackbird city, but have been seeing lots more finches in now, particularly Greenfinch.  I have my new Mark 11 tree trunk set up and already the birds are starting to use it so I hope for some great results from that.  Highlight of the last couple of days has been a pair of Blackcaps in although the resident Robin has been doing its level best to make sure they are not welcome.

I suppose it could be worse, it could be a Squirrel.

I went out yesterday on the second of my BTO tetrads and was pleased to see lartge flocks of Lapwing, Fieldfare and Redwing again.  Highlight of the day was a beautiful pair of Bullfinches showing well in the bright sunshine.

So fingers crossed for a decent dump of snow overnight here.


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