Monday 21 December 2009

Lets Talk

I will have to make this a quick one as we have friends arriving today from the UK for a couple of weeks, The snow that threatened at the end of last week came and went in hours but a couple of hours away they were swamped-lucky buggers, I have friends who have just moved to Japan in the last few days so hope that went well and look forward to my trip out there and i have have friends that have just moved from Japan to Austrailia, What does that have to do with photograhy-well it gives good reason to travel and see friends and have a photographic holiday at the same time, Its always difficult to compete with local photographers when you go away but some local knowledge goes a long way, We had a party at our house on Saturday and for fun everybody made it into my studio for a photograph during the evening and Sunday saw me processing and printing out the evenings shots which i have dropped off- A good way to make a party into something different and its already drummed up some business which wasnt the intention but always good to have, I guess its going to be 3 weeks before i get a proper session in when i go to New Jersey so just an hour or 2 in the garden hide until then, So i will try to have a longer and better blog on Xmas eve


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