Friday 18 December 2009

So where is the 1Dmk4?

Looks like the forum rumour mills are stepping up into overdrive with more conspiracy theories over the Canon 1Dmk4.

Expectation has been set that deliveries were to commence in November, and then December and now into next year.

The consiracy theorists are working on the premise that all is not well and there must be problems with it.

I wouldn't necessarily suscribe to it, but Canon's communication processes do have form to support that view point, and silence doesn't help them

Anyway, it is not of great personal interest to me as I am very clear about the purchase of new DSLR's - let everyone else do the testing until they work OK, and let the prices come down.

The Canon 7D is testament to this - two lots of firmware and a drop of £500.


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