Wednesday 30 December 2009

The Outer Banks

My friends from the UK have only seen the insides of hospitals or shopping malls since they have arrived so a couple of days ago i checked the weather and although the Mountains were getting bad cold weather the coast had a window of a couple of days-cold but clear weather so we quickly packed and headed off yesterday, Just before we got to the coast i did a detour to try and see a bear but all the usual places were bare!! so we booked in to a hotel right on the beach, Outside were lots of gulls and a couple of gannets out at sea but not much more, We had a great sunset last night so grabbed some shots with our compacts as i hadnt unpacked the main gear, I was up and out an hour before sun rise and went back to the bear area, There are a couple of flooded fields there which have a good population of wintering wildfowl, No bears but i did get a few shots of tundra swan and pin tail, The highlight of the quick session was when 2 juvinille bald eagles flew out of the distant trees and made all the ducks of which there are thousands take to the air

I will download and post some images in my next blog


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