Thursday 1 September 2011

Where have the birds all gone?

A few weeks ago, I was mentioning that the birds were eating us out of house and home, getting rid of more than 6 fat balls each day, plus half a tall feeder of seed.

Well fortunately for the wallet, the rate of depletion is virtually nothing.

But sadly, virtually no birds in the garden, except for plenty of blackbirds grabbing worms from the damp morning lawn.

So whats going on?
Lets wind the clock back to early Spring.  One of the great benefits of train commuting through the Warwickshire countryside is having plenty of me time to think about things, listen to music, read and observe the countryside.  It is this latter activity that probably takes most of my attention.

Back in Spring, the trees were laden with blossom - Elderbflower, Blakthorn - great clouds of fine white flowers more dense that I have ever seen before. Thats not all - other fruit and berry bearing bushes are totally laden down in these parts.

With plenty of seeds, thistles and other natural food sources, the wildlife has left the offerings from my patch and filling out with what nature has supplied for a short window.

So if you were wondering where everything has gone - don't worry, it will be back soon, and you will have to start spending on bird feed again.

For many other birds, they are much further away.
One of the Rutland Ospreys has been fitted with a tracker and can be seen here.  Follow the Dyfi Ospreys on Twitter to see how their progress is going amd the BTO are following five Cuckoos here and we can see that they are now already in sub Saharan Africa.

Meanwhile, across at Worcester Catheral, Bobbin the female Peregrine has returned after spending six months away from her regular haunt.  Follow her at Worcester Peregrines on Facebook

Let us know if you have any favourite wildlife that you follw the fortunes of.


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