Saturday 24 September 2011

Ramblings 2

As Martin mentions frustration i have had this big time this week but from a different source-Builders, When we moved into the apartment the main bath was cracked and unusable, We were told that it would be fixed before we move in and it wasnt, I have sat around for about 10 days in the past month after promises of a contractor coming to replace it, In the end the handyman here was told to do it, A week later its still not working even though we have had up to 8 guys in here, The old bath is out but the new one wont fit so they have removed part of the wall and thats how it ended until Monday, The electrics are also partly working in the kitchen, I then find out yesterday that out house builder has been holding back on the truth and now the move in date has slipped before a brick has even been laid, All in all a very frustrating time, I have had the camera bag ready for the last 3 days but weather has been unkind and very wet, So what to do? well ask any woman and they turn to retail therapy and thats what i did, The new blind arrived and i will cover that at a later date but i did order some filters, Remember a couple of weeks ago i purchased a Singh Ray Blue and Gold filter and mentioned that i was thinking about their 2-8 stop vari ND filter, Well i new that it had its limitations and after 5 stops could give strange colors, I looked around the web and forums and found under 50mm it could give strange and weird effects, I dont need that for the $400 it costs so i decided to order the Singh Ray 2 stop and 3 stop ND filters, That will give me 2 stop,3 stop,5 stops added together and 7 stops with my poloriser, I also have a 10 stop so in essence i am covered from 2 stops to 17 stops if needed, As Singh Ray filters are made to order i called them and it takes 3 days to make so they should be here before my trip to the Smokys in about 3 weeks, Now lets hope that next weeks see the bath finished and the electrics and some movement on the house, then maybe i can actually get some photography done


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