Wednesday 14 September 2011

36 minutes

Yesterday i did the photographic equivalent of speed dating, I took my dog for a walk and had my 200-400 and D7000 over my shoulder, It was early afternoon and although the sun was high and hot (88) it was quite cloudy, I went to Lake Lynn which is fairly local to me and really the only place around here that i know that you can guarantee bird-life, Its a very popular place for walking and jogging and the birds get fed my parents strolling with their kids, At this time of year its the same ol same ol Mallards,Geese etc but there are a lot of garden type birds from cardinals to hummingbirds and woodpeckers, I have had good results here in the past with Kingfishers which are not the easiest of birds to shoot without a set up,The problem i had was that it was going to be in and out as it was too hot for the dog, Looking at the exif info i too my first shot at 2:01 and my last shot at 2:37 so a total of 36 minutes, I took nearly 200 images, the main reason for this was that i wanted to keep the ISO fairly low-under 800 and handholding the 200-400 along with the cropped sensor meant that camera shake was very possible and so it proved, so multiple images of the same subject to guarantee some sharp images, I found a very nice dragonfly on a thin branch and just could not get a sharp image of it even resting the camera on the boardwalk edge, Out of 50 images i got just 2 that were acceptably sharp-thank god for digital!! The lake is one of the best i know for herons or rather tame herons, I started the session with a heron and ended with the same bird, I managed to get my photographic fix as its been a while since the camera was pointed at anything wild, The one bird that i did see and only as it spooked and flew was a green heron, I do not have any images of these and its the first time i have seen one there, So a good reason to go back with a longer lens and tripod


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