Friday 9 September 2011

Hides - UK style

Following on and complementing Dave's blog of yesterday, over here in the UK pop up hides are naturally more expensive.

But they have come down in price since I got my Ameristep Doghouse a few years ago, although I did buy mine in direct from the US, via eBay, which meant I got it for less than half the UK price, although it took about four weeks to get to me.

There are a number of wildlife photographic specialists hides made, but they are generally a lot more money.

There is generally more demand through shooting outlets and these links here and here will show you what I mean.  I cannot vouch for the quality of these, but I can my Ameristep which has seen good service, been left out in all weathers for long periods of time, and also has bleach out a little too.

The nice thing about the Ameristep is its portability.  Comes in its own carry rucksack, and goes up in a flash.


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  1. Martin could I send you an email about hides as I am looking to buy one and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions?

    Thank you