Tuesday 13 September 2011

A couple of dates for your diary

Here's a quickie tonight for you with a couple of key dates for those of our UK based readers.

Starting on Friday October 7th, we have the return of BBC Autumnwatch.  No Kate Humble this time as she is filming another BBC series, but she is replaced with Michaela Strachan, as well as Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games - wish he'd get a haircut :-).  So looks like a rematch of the Really Wild Show from many years back, for those of you that remember that.

Anyway,, as usual with BBC Nature programmes it is bound to be a good series - I wish for those of you outside the UK you could get he BBC iPlayer as it would be great it the rest of the world could see the series.

A week later on the weekend of October 14th and 15th, there is a Wildlife Expo, down in the smoke at the Alexandra Palace.  I know we have lots of London based readers so an easy one for you guys.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to pop down to the WWT London reserve later this month as Jac has a trip on business to London, so I might just have to be the chauffeur and get a day there as I have WWT membership this year.

Sorry it is just a quickie - too much other stuff going on to try to sort out today, so needs must.


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