Friday 23 September 2011

Perspiration & Frustration

....often are close partners to inspiration.  A few recent outings or planned outings have lead to nothing photographically.  I was out after Barn Owls last night, and you know that you have to give up when you run out of ISO - no joy there.  But that is the way it is with wildlife photography, and although I have always tried to live by the mantra of enjoying the experiences in nature and that any photo is a bonus, it is always still a hard one to reconcile at times.

Frustration and anger comes from another shocking story from the West Country with Peregrines now being poisoned.  My blog here summed up that frustration of the total ineffectiveness of extremely well funded organisations such as the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts to not make this one of their deliverables. 

Would still like to see your views and comments on that blog please.

With the Autumnal equinox here in the northern hemisphere, perspiration will now reduce as the days get darer, shorter and colder, but with that comes different photo opportunities,m and the wader migration is in full swing, and inbound migrants are joining us with the first of the Pink Footed Geese arriving, and it wont be long before the Thrushes and Redwings are back with us.  They can expect a bumper feed this year as the bushes are very heavily laden with berries and fruits.

So my glass stays half full and I keep optimistic that there is some good photography to be had next time out.

Have a good weekend, and for our UK readers, lets hope for some good results from New Zealand for the home sides of the proper gentleman's game.,  I am of course talking of the Rugby World Cup.


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