Wednesday 31 August 2011

Fall is a coming

There seems to be a slight change in the weather, its still beautifully sunny and warm -high 80's but the high 90's and low hundreds are behind us, The mornings are cool and the grass dewy, Fall is approaching and its time to make plans about getting up into the Great Smoky Mountains, Its an extremely busy place and it gets booked well in advance so i will have to sort my accommodation out in the next day or so, I normally head over to the Tennessee side but this year i will stay on the North Carolina side, There are a couple of areas that i have read about that sound excellent and i also hope to meet up with NC photographer Chas Glatzer for a day or 2 as he lives up there and will share some local knowledge which is not to be sniffed at, Last year the colors were excellent although the year before it never really happened so fingers crossed that we have a good one this year, The mountains are around 3-3.5 hours from where i currently live so not too bad, Where i used to go in Tennessee it was double that, Here are a few images from last year to wet your whistle

For those going this year make sure that you have the following
2.Remote Release
3.Polorizing Filter
4.ND filter if possible around 3-4 stops
I found that my 24-70 on my D3s was my most used combination but i carry lenses from 14mm to 600mm so all avenues are covered, I intend to drop into Cataloochee cove so some wildlife will be on the menu so to speak especially Elk, Its one of my favorite times of year and everywhere in the mountains is a photo opportunity even from the car, North Carolina has over 1500 waterfalls in the mountains so its a lifetimes work to see and shoot them all



  1. Err mm - ever so slightly jealous Dave !

  2. Still time to book your flights Graham-Direct London to Raleigh/Durham

  3. I fear where I am as I type this note (Cannes) will take care of any spare cash for a while Dave :-(