Thursday 22 September 2011


Its something that well all need to get the best best from our photography, It can come in many forms but when you are inspired it makes a huge difference, Since moving into the apartment i must admit i have lacked any inspiration and the shoulders have been somewhat dropped, Today i got an e-mail from Singh ray filters, You may remember that i purchased one of the blue and gold filters last month for my Smoky Mountain trip in 3 weeks, The video is around 30 minutes and cover the main filters used for landscape photography, Some of the places in the video i have shot at and i must admit that after watching the video i wanted to grab my gear and head off out, Watching the video you will see that American photographers like to hold the grad filters rather than use a holder, This is something i have noticed since moving here, Personally i like to use a filter holder so there is no way of knocking the camera, So grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and watch the video here
One thing i will say is that you can get the soft focus effect in processing rather than buying the filter, I did a blog on the 'Orton' effect a whilst back-see here


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