Wednesday 28 September 2011

Bloody Nightmare

Well last week was one of the worst that i can remember, We were being buggered about by both the builder and the apartment company so today started just as bad and i had had enough, I had to threaten the apartment company to get the problems solved and viola solved, Its a shame that you get to a state where shouting and threats happen but they seems to work, The big news is that i wrote to the builders and have asked to cancel the contract-many months wasted as well as a few sleepless nights buts it done and there is no going back, Fortunately we have managed to find a beautiful nearly finished new house in stunning countryside and are close to getting a signature on paper and maybe in the new place within a few weeks, I have to say its a weight lifted, There were a few deer prints already in the garden and we saw a couple of deer in the neighborhood walking around in daylight, So on a photographic side apart from taking shots of the new place (hopefully) the filters from Singh Ray arrived today and i hope to get out this week and put them through their paces,

I have to say sorry to Martin as i was hoping to talk on Skype over the weekend about a possible trip stateside next spring, Now that i have this sorted we can get together and start to make plans-cant wait


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  1. Nice one Dave - the place looks stunning glad its getting sorted.