Monday 26 September 2011

Snakes alive

Due to the crappy nature of the building company that we are using we have decided to keep our options open and keep looking at houses, If the right house comes up then fuck em, We went out to look around on Saturday and went into a very nice community that we had visited last year, The houses are beautiful but expensive, They had an open house at one house and we walked in and there wasn't anybody around, The door was open and we had a look around, As i walked in i viewed a large stone fireplace in the living room, The first thing that struck me was a thick black line zig zagging through the stonework, I walked over to have a closer look and jumped back when i realized that it was a snake, A black snake to be precise, It was around 2 feet long so not a huge snake but very unexpected to say the least, I phoned the agent to tell them and they said that they would meet me there in about 30 minutes, i popped down to the local shops and came back, When i walked in i asked her if the snake had been removed and she said that by the time she got there it was gone, So some lucky person will own a beautiful new house with a guest, I managed to get a quick shot with my wifes iphone

Being a Brit its not something that you think of when viewing houses or even where you live, Having a door or window open is a normal thing that you do without thought-until now

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