Friday 30 September 2011

Lizards and Filters

The house nightmare continues as the house in the last blog fell through last night and all for $2k on a $400k house, Very silly business sense by the selling agent, Some people do not seem to understand the housing market at the moment, I am not overly concerned as although it was a beautiful house there is a tonne on the market and last night we saw a couple of house reduced by $100k on what they were purchased 4 years ago-ouch, So we have a busy weekend planned looking at houses,
Yesterday i was sittting on the couch surfing the net on my laptop with the backdoor open, Something caught my eye and it was a very small green lizard (anole) running along the top of the balcony railing, It hoped onto the bird feeder pole and run up, I grabbed the D7000 and Sigma 150 macro and managed a few shots, The light was pretty harsh but it was nice to hear a shutter going off
I finally unwrapped the ND filters (2+3 stop) from Singh Ray and took a snap to show the difference along with the Lee 10 stop big stopper

The 10 stop one comes in handy for welding as well-lol, The Singh Ray filters come in very nice individual leatherette cases, They sent a free cleaning cloth and fluid which i have to say is the best i have ever used, Spray and wipe and the fluid instantly dries and although i got my fingers all over them they were clean in one swip-excellent stuff
Now i am going to put the kettle on and watch the free Singh Ray DVD-Highly recommended company


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