Thursday 8 September 2011


I have mentioned many times how much of a fan i am of the cube type hides/blinds, Ever since i used one with my friend Phil Shaw in the UK last year i was sold, Never have i been in such a solid and secure hide, The plus side of Phils actual hide is the window system which is secured by magnets and is totally silent, The minus side is the cost which at the moment is around $400, I currently have 2 cube type hides and will be going to Bass Pro shops soon to buy some more for my new land, I had a mail from Bass Pro the other day and they are now offering cube hides from as low as $80 so now they are about the cost of a pop up type hide but 10 times better, I tend to put up a hide and leave it in position for many months, One of my current blinds is very bleached by the strong sunlight that we have here but still in perfect working order, My new land will be woodland so they should not get so bleached although i do not feel that the colour affects the animals/birds at all as they just get used to what ever is there, The blinds that i am looking at are made from Primos which i think is the same as Phils but just slightly cheaper, One thing that i have struggled to find here in the USA is a chair with individual adjustable legs, i still use my chairs that i purchased in the UK which are design for anglers but will be in the need for more so if you know where to get some within the USA please let me know

p.s If you are in the UK and want to get the best wild fox and badger images that you can imagine then contact Phil through his website above, Check out his site, They will blow you away

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