Tuesday 6 September 2011

Singh Ray Gold n Blue Poloriser and Active D lighting

I mentioned last week that i had ordered a Gold n Blue Polarizer from Singh Ray, It arrived very quickly which i guess it should as they charged $12+ for the shipping, However they do state that filters are made to order so i guess that i am lucky, The quality is superb and its very very smooth to use, I quickly fitted it to my D3s and 24-70 and popped out into the car park, A quick turn of the filter turns the scene from blue to a goldy color just as i expected, I think the golds will look better over water and in lower light but it gives you an idea

Last week when i was at the site of my new house i took some shots for the scrap book, It was bright and the sun was over head so the light was extremely harsh and in the woodland there are heavy shadows and bright areas-very contrasty, I took some shots not being too bothered as they are just for personal use, Then i thought i would put the active D lighting on as this helps lift shadows, I do not normally use this feature although it does work well, Its similar to Canons Highlight Tone Priority which i used a few times when shoot goosanders in Switzerland with the 1D MK3, As i said it works ok but its easy to life the shadows in processing and using HTP can induce noise in the shadow areas, I think that if you are wanting quick results and sat shoot Jpegs and do not want little to no processing its defiantly a good feature to have and use

Without Active D lighting


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