Sunday 4 September 2011

1st Septmeber

So whats so special with 1st September?? Well 2 things for me, Firstly  3 years on that very day we landed in the USA to live and secondly on the 1st September 2011 the permits for our new house arrived and the first tree was felled-another new start, Its been a more stressful experience than i imagined to get the house under way but now i must admit that i am very excited, The good thing about a recession is that there are a lot of builders hanging around and the house should be finished around Xmas time, Today i managed to walk the land, All the trees that need to come down have been taken down, I think that they went a bit over board in placed but now that the tiny trees are gone the sunlight can get through and i do not think that it will take long for new under growth to come through, I will have a site meeting with the builders next week to run through some final stuff and hide the chainsaw and then weather permitting it will all happen very quickly, The plot is around 2.5 acres and the house will be set back well into the trees, the drive is nearly 200 feet long, I have already seen some great looking trees where i can hide bait for fox,raccoon and opossum and an area for the pond, The soil is incredibly fine-almost dust like and i could see that some deer had crossed the new opening as well as fox so all good signs for the future.

Work starts
From road-Driveway into the trees
 Drive leading to the house /garden
 Back of garden-wildlife area, Pool will go around here, Nice open area for deer and fox images once the soil has settled and grass etc starts to grow

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