Friday 16 September 2011


Have you ever sat down and looked at the amount of different processing software programmes there are out there these days, Not only do you have the camera manufacturers own like Nikons NX2 and Canons DPP but also Adobes photoshop and lightroom and even Apple has Aperture, infact there is software for every type of work and every budget even free like Bibble, It all starts to get expensive if you want more than one or two programmes
I have been looking at the software that i use and they are

1.Adobe Photoshop CS5 (RAW Converter)
2.Capture One Pro (RAW Converter)
3.Breezebrowser Pro (Image Browser)
4.Photomatix (HDR)
5.PTgui (Photo Stitching)
6.Helicon Focus (Photo Stacking)
7.Nik Ultimate Edition (Noise reduction, sharpening, selective colour,HDR and B+W)
8.Portrait Professional (portraits)

Not everybody knows of the Nik software products and i have people getting confused thinking it has something to do with Nikon, But for the last few years it has gained a great reputation and i have friends that use it with great effect, My order for it will be placed this week
Luckily you can normally get a months free trial on most software so you can try before you buy but the above is what i currently use and recommend


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