Friday 2 September 2011

Fall is coming part 2

There seems to be 2 types of landscape photographer, Those that use filters and those that don't, I fall into the first category for 2 reasons, Firstly i like to get as much done in camera an secondly i am crap at photoshop and the thought of blending 2 images (1 for the sky and 1 for the foreground) together baffles me, I use the Lee filters system which is one of the very best and most expensive that you can buy, One of the problems with using cheap/er systems is that you can get a colour cast when using longish exposures, I have the Lee filters holder along with a wide angle adapter and ND grads of 1,2 and 3 stops, I would advise that if you just get 1 filter then the 3 stops would be my choice, Along with the grads i also have a Lee polarizing filter, Do not look at the price of one of these without sitting down, So far these have done me proud although i have to say that i dont shoot as many landscapes as i would like, A couple of days ago i decided to bite the bullet and spend another chunk of money on a filter that caught my eye years ago, Its a Singh Ray gold n blue filter, Check out Singh Rays website, their filters are second to none as are the prices, there are some good articles from photographers that use their products as well as the odd video tutorial, The filter is now in the post and should be here in a few days, I hope it will pay its way when i am in the mountains next month, Another Singh Ray filter that keeps coming to mind is their Vari ND which gives the option of using 1 filter to give differing amounts of filtration all in one filter, Again its an arm and a leg in price and i have heard from many good photographers that its best to use it from 2 to 5 stops as after that you get some crazy colours, Either way its a nice piece of kit and would be ideal for the type of photography that you find in the mountains, Some thimngs you just cant  (yet) do in photoshop like slow water down to a blur, I have a Lee 10 stop filter that is excellent for this but sometimes too much, A poloriser will drop your exposure by 2 stops so its just the but in the middle that i need


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