Friday 16 September 2011

Fruit Tablet

Orange,Blackberry or Apple why are so many telecom products named after fruit?? So anyways we have bitten the bullet and bought a tablet, An Apple as it happens (sorry Martin) Totally over priced as all Apple products are and the camera is a F+++king joke however i bought it for the wife for all her hard work and for keeping me in style (Nikon), I will of course be using it once i get the Dell stickers on it-lol as the screen is pretty nice and i will have a portfolio on it. My wife has an Apple iphone and will at some point go over to a macbook pro for her work so it made sense to get the ipad so she can intergrate everything, Specs wise we purchased the 64GB wifi model which was the price of a good laptop but what do you expect from Apple, I have no doubt that Apple will now introduce the ipad3 as there are plenty of rumours but if you look at all the rumours about Nikon and Canon which have still not happened you could hold off for ever, It will be interesting to see how much i can incorporate the ipad into my photography, We have the capture one 'capture pilot' app so i will be trying that out


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