Monday 26 September 2011

Sigma Service

You may remember that a few months ago i sent my Sigma 180mm Macro in for an upgrade as it did not work at all on my D7000 although it was fine on my D3s, Sigma said that they hoped for a new firmware update from Japan but could take months so kindly sent me a 150mm Macro loaner which has been stunning, Today i received a mail saying that the 180mm Macro will be very expensive to repair as it has an old type HSM (motor) so i could either have it back and return the loaner or keep the loaner or part exchange for the new o.s model, I have decided to keep the loaner which was like new and is a stunning lens, i do not know of any other camera/lens manufacturer that would offer this, Normally i would expect a return or a large bill-well done Sigma


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