Saturday 1 October 2011

A couple of October moths

Whilst I said I was going to bring images from my visit to WWT London in my last post, I still haven't got around to sorting, sifting and processing the images yet, what with one thing and another.

I did put the moth trap out last night for the first October moths. Not a large haul, maybe about thirty or so, but part of that may be down to one of the lamps on the trap not working. Maybe a starter or one of the ballast units has gone. Hope it is the former.

Anyway, a few usual suspects of Carpet and Grey Chi which I have shared before.

There was a very nice Snout as well, but that flew off before I could get an image.

These two are the Black Rustic (new) and the lovely Angle Shades, which I have shared before.

Used some different backgrounds today for a change.

Subject to getting some time to process tomorrow, I will get the London images up next time. Although, I am expecting a fair old headache in the morning as an evening drinks session is about to start with some friends.

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