Friday 4 March 2011

The time is flying and the jet lag is going, I am off to Washington DC tomorrow for a week, So should get plenty of city type photography as well as hitting the coast for some wildlife, Since being back i have only had time to download the images and back up and start getting the gear ready for next week, At least i wont have to wear the extreme weather gear that i used in Japan, Going through the images from Japan i came across some images that Pete and myself took of each other, Its a good thing to do as it shows you in that environment for memories as well as giving you some stuff for your own website
Here i am at Lake Kusharo where we photographed the Whooper swans

and an atmospheric one of Pete at the start of the day
You can see the mist coming off of the water which was caused by the hot springs that are there and the only reason that there is some unfrozen water-hence the swans-fantastic place and probably THE surprise place of the trip,


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