Monday 14 March 2011

Life and Love

19 years ago i not only met the love of my life but i was lucky enough to marry her, We went to the famous Gretna Green on the Scottish borders-its a place where lovers would slip away and get married over the blacksmiths anvil, In the old days a blacksmith had the ability to marry people, and young lovers without their parents permission would go there and tie the knot, We didnt want a big wedding both being from large families and this seemed the perfect place to go,
On Saturday Martin and Jacui did exactly the same and got married in exactly the same place as i did all those years ago, Life is full of coincidences, I would have loved to have been there but as i had just returned from Japan there was no way i could make it
I would like to wish both Martin and Jacqui all the very best in their new married life and hope that the next 19 years will be as good to them as it has been for Marian and myself

Here are the happy couple


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  1. Good luck you pair wish I could have made it too - see you soon for a drink