Tuesday 8 March 2011

Bombay Hook

Yesterday i traveled over to the East to the Bombay Hook reserve, I had known of this reserve for some time so had quite high expectations of getting some decent images, It was a 300 mile round trip and about 2.5hrs each way so some considerable effort to get there, Once outside the DC area the countryside took over and with the clear skies and sunshine it was a very pleasant drive, As soon as i was over the bay bridge it was farmland all the way, Ponds had wildfowl on them and there were a lot of raptors from vultures,kestrel,kites(buzzard) and even 3 bald eagles, Just before i got to the reserve entrance i noticed a couple of hundred snow geese in the surrounding fields which was a good sign, You can drive around the reserve and there are a couple of viewing towers and a couple of trails, The day was bright but very very windy, I could see plenty of wildfowl but they were sitting on the back of the wind and at some distance, Plenty of pintail and teal along with some goosander and black duck (i think) along with the usual mallards and coots, I drove around the reserve slowly a few times and even walked a couple of the trails but photographically it was bleak,Great if you were a birder, There are not any hides/blinds which was a great shame as the ducks would come close to the bank but if you walked or drove up they either flew off or swam off, So the day ended with a complete blank, I am sure that when the weather is better and at the height of the migration it will be a very good place to be but yesterday it just wasnt which for me was very disappointing bjt thats life, I have another reserve to visit which is closer but for some reasons is closed on a Tuesday so i will be there tomorrow,
Here are a couple of crappy images that are about to be deleted

So from hundreds of good images a day in Japan to zip but its not all lost, I made lots of mental notes about the place and hope to revisit when i am back up north


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