Friday 11 March 2011

Frog Blog'11 - Part 2 - They went deep and are now back again

Shortly after I wrote this blogpost of the first serious frog show of the year almost two weeks ago, the weather went much colder again.  A few overnight frosts and a couple of quick ice overs of the pond thwarted the amorous croaky ones ardour.

Well it has warmed up again over the last couple of days and they are back in serious numbers.  When I wrote this blog on Thursday night, I had a listen out for the chorus but couldn't hear anything.  So  I grabbed my binocs at about ten o'clock, stuck my LED Lenser pen touch in my mouth and looked up the garden.  Well what a bizarre and welcome sight.  Over twenty light, bright pairs of dots looking back at me, as the frogs were on the surface.  I guess there must have been many more as I could only see those that were looking in my direction..  I guess it will be very soon that the first spawn appears.  I have heard stories of many other locations with spawn, but given the frosts we had here it is probably just as well they hung back a bit.


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