Sunday 6 March 2011

Sunday Blues

I am sitting in a motel just outside Washington DC on a wet and miserable day, I was intending to do the touristy bits today and go into the city but whats the point when the weather is so miserable? I will do some night photography during the week when conditions are better, My laptop died when i was in Japan and it went in for repair when i got home, 2 days and the guy gave up, So before i left for DC i popped into Tiger Direct and walked out $1000 worse off, I know own an Asus 15'' laptop with an i-7 processor which should handle photoshop/capture one/breezebrowser etc much better than my old Dell, The Dell had always struggled with the processing side of things, its one of those things in getting the best you can and then some, The Asus is still a little under speced to what i wanted but budgets didnt allow so at some point in the future i will swap out the 500gb hard drive for a SSD drive to really boost the speed, One of the problems with having modern Dslrs is the higher MP and large file sizes even on the most basic cameras, This means bigger memory cards, Larger hard drives and more powerful PC'c/Mac-Dont even mention video, It seems its a constant battle to keep up and more going out than seems to be coming in and there seems no end to it yet, Saying that i am still blown away with the D3s files-absolutely beautiful and sharp looking straight out of the camera, I still advise people on buying a D700 now whilst they are still around as i am not sure that the D800 will be as good an all round camera as pixels increase and no doubt the high ISO capabilities diminish-thats purely my own thoughts but 99% of people do not need any more pixels than the D700, The files are great as is the low light performance and AF-all in all a great camera from pro downwards.
So now i will continue to download CS5 which is taking forever on this crappy wi fi and try to make some kind of itinery for the coming week as the weather looks up and down

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while.

    I too was in Washington DC on the 6th of March and was disappointed in the weather. I went out anyway and came away with a few images I like (see: this post

    It's too bad we didn't know we were both there, it might have been fun to go out shooting together.