Monday 7 March 2011

Bewick Swans - Slimbridge Trip Part 3

When I made the first of my two recent trips to Slimbridge, I took a few shots with the Canon 5Dmk2 to see how it performed.  You will remember I did a small bit on this blogpost with a lovely Buzzard.

I also had a go with the 5D, the 500 +  1.4 with some in-flight subjects to see how it performed.  Other than a much slower frame rate, at 3.9fps v 8 for the 7D, no significant differences.  Yes there are much fewer AF points, but for in flight subjects and the way I set up the active points this was no worries.
Now why do I mention this?  Well because photographers who follow the benefits of this body over that body do it from studying specifications on paper rather than using the camera they have....or in many cases don't have before offering all sorts of wisdom based on their 'knowledge'

There is only one forum that I actively tend to contribute these days.  Well there have been quite a few threads on why the 7D should be chosen over the 5D or this body over that body.  One of the most common bit of advice dispensed is the faster frame rate and the faster AF blah blah blah.

Well the 5Dmk2 is just fine in both areas.  No there aren't as many points and it is a not as technically well appointed.  BUT you can get fine sharp photos with it, and it works pretty well when you have low contrast subjects against their backgrounds.

Here are few images that I took at Slimbridge with the 5D on some wonderful Bewick Swans,

Nothing special image wise, but demonstrates the ability of the camera


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