Thursday 24 March 2011

I feel the need for speed

I mentioned the other day that i had purchased a SSD hard drive for my new laptop to try and boost the speed and realize the true potential of the i7 processor, Well its in and today i got it back with only Windows 7 professional fitted so a clean install without all the crap that comes with an off the shelf laptop/computer, So i have spent most of the day loading Capture One, Breezebrowser and Photoshop as well as putting in all my website addresses etc, So far so good, Its opens very quickly and things like photoshop are open in a few seconds which is a real boon, When i was in Japan Pete had his super duper MacBook Pro with SSD and was downloaded while i was still booting up programmes, It really does make a difference and is the best bang for you buck for improving PC/Mac performance, The PC has a USB3 port as well so i can this becoming my main PC  for a while and i will upgrade my external hardrive cases to USB3 to get the max out of them, Tiger Direct have the cases for $35 so its just a matter of swapping the drives over, It should make a huge difference when downloading and backing up
This is the SSD that i purchased
Here are the external casings
As you can see the SSD is 120GB, With all my software on there it only comes to about 40GB so i have room to spare, I could have gone for a 64GB or a bit smaller and saved some money but i didnt want it to be too tight, One thing to remember is that ALL images etc will need to be kept on external drives if you dont want to fill your drive up, The bonuses of having an SSD over a normal hard drive apart from the speed is that you cant damage one by dropping it as there are no moving parts and if it does crash you dont loose the information unlike a normal hard drive
We spend far too much time tucked behind a monitor so anything to help is well worth the money


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