Wednesday 16 March 2011

Bass Pro Shops

On my way to Washington DC i stopped at the BIG Bass Pro shop on the i-95, I have been past it many times but have never made time to stop and go in, I was soooo impressed by the store as was my wife that we even stopped in there on our way home, Now this isn't just any store this is a shopping experience bar none, Firstly its huge-maybe bigger- and its not just 4 walls and a roof, Its fully fitted out like you are outdoors and has everything that an outdoors man would ever need from fishing ,hunting,boating you name it and it has it, My wife loved the place and she isnt really into the outdoors in the same way that i am, For the wildlife photographer it has an excellent range of blinds/hides as well as camo gear and binoculars, There is an excellent restaurant, a fudge store and even an indoor shooting range if you decide to try or buy a bow, The aquariums are huge as are the fish in them and you will see just about every specie of American wildlife all but stuff around the store, If you are near a Bass pro Store at anytime make it a place not to miss but make sure you have plenty of time and an empty credit card, The one i visited was just outside Richmond Virginia

Apologies for the image quality but all images were taken with a point and shoot


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  1. You've convinced me. Every time we go to Ft. Lauderdale we say we're going to stop in the big one there and don't. I think we might have to on our next trip there. If only for the fudge!