Sunday 20 March 2011

New laptop plus upgrades

I mentioned that my old Dell laptop died in Japan towards the end of my trip, I managed to get a new Asus with a i7 processor-should be great but i must admit that it still feels a bit slow, I know that the best way to speed it up is to replace the hard drive with a SSH hardrive, Laptops tend to be supplied with a slow hard drive-5400rpm as opposed to7200rpm of a desktop as it makes the battery life look good, but it makes opening etc slow which is a pain, I ordered a Corsair 120gb SSD at 4.30pm on Friday and it arrived 7.20am Saturday morning-hows that for service-well done amazon, I will get the new disk copied and swapped out in the next few days and let you know my thoughts, SSD hard drives are now coming down in price and are the cheapest way of boosting the speed on your laptop or desktop, The addition of a SSD and with the USB 3 port it should really speed up my work flow when away from home-I find a laptop invaluable for my work at home and abroad so its very important to get one that works well,so hopefully that's the laptop sorted now just need to get a desktop but hold your breath on that one


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