Wednesday 9 March 2011

Goose Fest - Slimbridge Trip - Part 4

The winter months are a great time to get to Slimbridge or any of the WWT reserves as the wintering Geese and Swans seek food away from their frozen Northern breeding areas.  So my two recent day trips to Slimbrdige were made just in time before they start returning to their summer homes.

In my two recent trips, I was fortunate enough to see four species of Geese and so here are a few images to share with you.

 European White Fronts


Canada at touchdown - look out Pochard
Greylag flyby
Greylag displaying behaviour to female just off shot

Greylag - final approach

Greylag - moment of splashdown

All with 7D and either 500 or 500 + 1.4.  It was a shame that the Barnacles - the flock was about thirty, and the White Fronts were far away but the sound and sights were wonderful


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  1. The touch down shot is really cool!

    Kah Wai