Saturday 26 March 2011

Spring-my favorite time

The garden is getting busy with birds consrantly at the feeders, We still have plenty of winter birds around but i am sure that they will move off soon , We have a cold spell for the next week with temperatures in the 50's, Its been in the high 70's so to us it feels cold, The birds are very active and for the first time in the 2 years that i have been here we have bluebirds nesting in out bird box, I have trimmed some thin branches away and will be putting up a nice blossom branch this week and hope to get some 'pretty' images of this colourful bird,
I made the frame up for the pond/pool and now have it staked in and the liner fitted and filled with water, Everything is nice and square and i can now build the edges up with soil and turf to make a kind of infinity pool, It will be a long term project and i hope to get some nice reflections of our garden visitors, I have watched a red bellied woodpecker everyday this week feed on the fat cube so another target to aim for which should not be too difficult, Its a great time of year-my favorite as there will be cubs around soon and lots to aim for


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