Thursday 3 March 2011

Take off Run - Slimbridge trip report Part 2

I have taken a couple of recent day trips to WWT Slimbridge, as I previously reported here when I shared images of the Lesser Scaup with you.

This sequence of images was from early morning on the first visit back last month, and while the subject matter is nothing remarkable in that it is the very common Mute Swan, I just liked the light on these images.

Taken with the 7D, 500 + 1.4 at ISO1600, in mode C3

In future parts I will bring you Whoopers (but without the lovely snow that Dave recently shared with us) as well as Bewicks, with an interesting view of the tracking devices used, as well as some different Geese species.

On a sad note as far as Mute Swans are concerned, they are having a tough time here on the River Avon in Stratford with the recent death numbers up into double figures, and no traceable cause at this time, and a horrible story of over thirty now found shot in Somerset



  1. Very nice blog and pictures! I was trying to shot the bird taking off but no luck, will try again this weekend. I will keep my eye on your blog from time to time.

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  2. A***holes - I hope those responsible are caught and are publicly humiliated by the Press for this mindless and cowardly destruction.

    To end on a positive note - final image is very nice!

  3. Thanks for the comments - and your other one about links too Julian