Wednesday 30 March 2011

Quick Session

I checked the weather report for the week and it showed Tuesday to be nice and sunny and the rest of the week to be crap-wet and cold, Winter is struggling to let go, We had sleet the other day and just an hour away it was white with snow, I decided to have a quick session at the private land and try and get some birds on blossom, The blossom is quickly disappearing due to the weather and time is limited and i dont want to miss it, There is nothing like a bird on a blossom branch to make a colourful and seasonal image, I found a blossom branch on the side of the road, It was very thin but i thought it would be thick enough for chickadees and titmice, I quickly attached the twig to a feeder hanger and got set up, My main gear being the 600 lens and D7000, Its a great combo and with the added advantage of being quiet, I havent been to the site to shoot for about 2 months but have been putting food out for a week so there were birds around straight away, It soon dawned on me that i hadnt attached the twig very well, The feeder hanger was too exposed and the birds preferred to land on it or straight onto the table rather than the twig, In the 2 hours i was there not one bird landed on it but i did manage to get some shots of them on other perches, I had some nice sightings with visits from the red bellied woodpecker,Northern Flicker as well as the hairy woodpecker, Unusual bird went to the towhee that landed straight on the feeder, a beautiful male, I will put up a thicker perch in the hope that he returns, House finch,cardinal,chickadee,titmouse and wren all made an appearance as well as the easily spooked jay and towards the end a couple of Eastern Bluebirds just add some extra colour, Although the session did not go to plan and they rarely do it was very enjoyable and nice and warm-the last rays i expect to see for a few days, All images taken in manual mode with the D7000 which is still to go to Nikon, The problem is quite minor and easily worked around so i am not too fussed at the moment

Anywhere but the perch


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