Friday 25 March 2011

Final Part - Slimbridge Trip Report - Part 5

What with one thing and another, I am behind on my trip reports and images, so today is catch up and share the last few images from my Slimbridge trips that I made in February.

My timing was quite good as shortly after these images were taken the Whoopers and Bewicks made their migrations.

One of the Bewicks that made regular fly-by's was 002T as can be seen from its leg ring and neck transmitter.  I am assuming this is either a GPS or radio transmitter for more detailed tracking.  Somebody in the hide said that this bird usually winters in Holland which if that was the case then it was nice to see it over here.  If anyone can give more information on this bird it would be good to hear from you.

A few more for you.  Weather was dry but grey flat light sadly.

The second and third I liked with the juxtaposition of the land.  Shelduck could do with a catch light, but there wasn't one so I ain't gonna add it.  Done that in the past (not on the blog) but will only present wildlife as is unless I tell you that I have removed/added stuff.

Final shot shows a drake Tufted Duck just after a dive as you can see from the mud still on his bill.

Will be back with some Dorset wildlife in forthcoming blog posts including some sunrise/sunset landscapes by way of a change


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