Thursday 31 March 2011

Frog Blog 11 - Part 6 - We have swimmers

Checking out the pond when I got home from work last night, I noticed a number of clumps of freshly vacated spawn, and found a few other clumps with large dark areas in the centre of them.  Check out this pic from last year, as it is the same this year.

Last year it was fourteen days from spawn to swimmers and this year it has been thirteen, but we are a whole 12 days earlier in the cycle.  Casting my mind back, that would be as a result of the severely cold weather we had in January last year pushing the breeding season back, compared to the very cold weather that was in December in the winter just gone.

With the large increase in spawn put down this year, I am expecting that we will get a lot of froglets.  That is if the dragonfly larva don't get too many of them

Another another recent dark time check out, I saw a couple of Southern Hawker nymphs  that look like they might well come out later this year.


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