Monday 9 August 2010

Good News - They were back.....briefly

Actually I don't think they were back, I just think it was a few migrants hanging around.

Last week, I blogged on the sad news that the Swifts that delight us each year overhead the house had left.

Well I spent a few hours out in the garden this weekend digging my next project to have a dozen or so buzzing around overhead for a couple of hours.

So it was a lovely interlude to hear their screams again, and watch their wonderful aerobatic flying, even if it was only for a short while.

Also having said that I had written the last of frogblog this year, I had a great time watching a couple of particular individuals, which I photographed, so will bring you those later in the week.



  1. I read the other day (I think it was in an email from Woodland Trust) that swifts usually depart by August 10th and they were asking for sightings after that date.

    Swifts have long been one of my favourite birds as well and was pleased to see a number of them over Ipswich tonight, August 9th.

    David Schenck

  2. Hi Martin, I had the same feeling today at Moreton but sadly they weren't screaming. Just a few feeding as they past over. Heading north tomorrow, maybe I'll see a few from the train.