Wednesday 4 August 2010

California day 2-Get a wide on

I left our accommodation with 2 plans, Plan A was to hire a Kayak and shoot the Sea Otters if the weather was good and Plan B was to shoot the Ground Squirrels if the weather wasn't so good-Plan B it was as when we got to Monterey the dreary foggy conditions hadn't changed, there are a couple of excellent places for the ground squirrels along 17 mile drive where i had shot these funny little creatures before, My agency has done well with these images so i wanted to add some more to the list, I like to shoot with a wide angle lens whenever possible and these guys are used to humans and let you approach very closely as long as you are slow and take your time, I decided to dust off the 14-24 and see if it would be possible to get 'that' close-well it was and at one point i had a squirrel holding the lens hood and peering into the lens-very funny especially for all the Japanese tourists that looked on in amazement at the foolish English guy crawling along on his belly, I like to use a wide angle as it also shows habitat, in this case the beach and ocean, just a shame that there wasn't a better sky, Just before we got to 17 mile drive i noticed some Black tailed deer in somebodies garden, They were all bucks and a couple of the young ones were play fighting so i started the day off shooting those

The Deer image at the top was taken with the D3s/600 combo, Apart from the bottom Squirrel image which was the D300/200-400 combo all images were taken with the D3s and 14-24
Considering the weather its not been a bad start and can only (hopefully) get better


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