Friday 13 August 2010


With the Photokina show looming the rumour mills are running over time, There are rumours that have been around some time and these normally come to something and today a German mag has let some details and images slip of some new kit that wasnt meant to be released until later in the week when Nikon has called a press conference, This normally happens so heres what is coming up so far

Camera wise so far just the base model Nikon 3100 but it does have a new 14mp sensor and Full 1080 HD video
Lenses will be a 24-120F4VR which is normally a kit lens for the D700,Its long over due and although the old version is good it needs stopping down for the best results, It should be a good walk around lens, I have played with the old model and its nice and light compared to the pro models
85mm F1.4-Long awaited for and should be a great portrait lens
28-300mm this is said to be an FX or full frame lens
55-300 which is DX or cropped sensor lens

Thats that it so far more news here, There are still strong rumours of a D90 replacement and hopefully a D700 upgrade but time will tell


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