Wednesday 25 August 2010

A few Good News stories

With all the horrible wet weather around at the moment, I thought I would have trawl around and bring you some of the more enlightening stories from the world of wildlife that made me smile.

Quite close to me here in the UK, I found this story about the Brown Hairstreak butterfly which has made a comeback in Worcestershire - good news  in a year that has seen generally less butterflies.

On the eastern side of Scotland in year 4 of the Sea Eagle programme, a further nineteen juvenile sea eagles were released as part of the widening on their range in Scotland - good luck to them in the their quest for survival.   This first year will be their greatest challenge.

Staying in Scotland for the moment, the first wild  Beavers to be born in Scotland for over 400 years were successfully raised by their parents.  Now regular readers will know I have mixed emotions about some release programmes, so I will watch this project with interest.

Going back a couple of months, it was pleasing to hear that Purple Herons have successfully bred in the UK for the first time at Dungeness in Kent.

One other final bit of good news to share is that one of our guest photographers, young Ashley Hugo who did a blog for us here, got some good results in his GCSE's this year - so well done to him.

Tell us about any wildlife stories that you have heard about that you would like to share.

BTW - only 4 months to Christmas so get saving  :-)



  1. Thank you Martin!!!
    Talking of re-introductions, how about Bears, Wolfs and Lynxs?? (old story but only just heard about it)

  2. happy to hear some promising news about wild animals. Don't hear much of the kind, do we?

  3. Nice to have some young beavers around