Thursday 26 August 2010

New External Hard Drive and Backup

I mentioned in my last blog that i had ordered a new hard drive and external casing from Newegg, This arrived a couple of days ago and within a few minutes the internal hard drive as installed into the casing and ready to go,The casing is excellent-very well made and rugged, It has an on/off switch for the drive and the fan so that is cool, First thing to do once attached to your PC is to partition the drive and give it a letter in my case the new drive is called 'M', All the instructions on how to do this are with the case, The partitioning/formatting took a couple of hours then it was ready, I have always done my back ups in the old way of copying to one disk and then the others, Its easy to forget what you have done if you keep one off site as you should do just in case of fire or theft so i downloaded and purchased a software called Acronis which is a data back up software and seems to be the most popular with people on forums, This way when i attach another hard drive it will read what the new files are and then just copy them over, My first mistake with this is that i copied the K disc to the new M disc, It took 20 hours and although all the files were on there i couldnt see them in breezebrowser so i am now in the process of reformatting the disc and will then 'clone' the K to the M drive so it will be identical-another learning curve but should make my life much easier in the long run


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