Friday 27 August 2010

750 up

So today it is congratulations to us - this is our 750th post since we started in January 2009.

We set out trying to write something every day, and we haven't let you down.  It has come close once or twice, but we have stayed with it.

So nothing more today but a little bit of reflection back over the last twenty months with more than 41,000 visits by more than 10,000 visitors from 96 countries around the world.  After UK and USA, Japan, Switzerland and France are the next most visited from locations - thanks Pierre (Pete) and Jackie  :-)

Although I note Vermont is STILL the only US state where we haven't been visited from.  Does Vermont have the Internet?

So as we go into a holiday weekend here in the UK, I hope you all stay with us over the next goodness knows how many posts in the future.  Keep your comments and feedback coming.  If we know some of you read and like what we post, and your words back to us it makes all worthwhile.




  1. Well done guys that's quite an achievement. Not only to post every day but to have quality posts.

    keep it up.


  2. I think that calls for drinks all round - or did we do that yesterday? Keep up the good work guys, quality stuff on here not the usual drivel you see elsewhere.